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Prayers going out to Ray J and Princess Love!

Prayers going out to Ray J and his wife Princess Love! Unfortunately there’s trouble in paradise! The couple has a series on Zeus network aimed at fixing their marriage! The two have been married for four years. They have two beautiful children but everything is not what it seems.

Allegedly Ray J and Princess Love took a trip to Las Vegas and on the trip Princess Love claimed that Ray J left her and their daughter, Melody Love Norwood, stranded in Vegas. At the time, Love was pregnant with their son, Epik Ray Norwood.

Since then the two have tired to work it out but thing got worse. Princess Love deleted all pictures of Ray J and her! The two live separately and Princess Love has strong allegations that Ray J has not been faithful!

In the series the two sat down and attempted to a conversation. Providing each other with constructive criticism hoping to understand each other and give one another the opportunity to correct his/her mistakes.

Check out the trailer below and watch the full episode on the Zeus network or clicking the link in Princess Love bio on instagram! I’m praying the two can save their family! Family is everything and y’all know we support black love!

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One thought on “Prayers going out to Ray J and Princess Love!

  1. Like who really gives a fuck about these 2 idiots? Only reason ppl know him is his sister, sex tape with Kim K and was with Whitney Houston when she died. There is a worldwide pandemic going on and noone has nor wants the time to read about their stupid shit.

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