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Praying for Nipsey Hussle

About 30 minutes ago shots were reported fired at the Marathon clothing store! It wasn’t immediately known whether Hussle, 33, whose real name is Ermias Ashgedom, was among the victims at the scene at Marathon Clothing, Hussle’s store on Slauson Avenue in south Los Angeles.

The Grammy nominated artists has got four mixtapes under his belt dating back to 2005. He dropped 10 projects independently before releasing his debut album, which was distributed through his own record label, All Money In, and Atlantic Records. 

It was rumored he was doing a documentary on one Dr. Sebi cases. If you’re never heard of him look him up. He’s a natural healer. He cures diseases that are known to us as incurable. Anyone who try’s to speak on it ends up dead!

Of course the news will make it seem gang related. Due to the fact Nipsey talks about old ties to the Crip Gand In LA. Rapping about hardships of the streets & trying to make it out. We’er Praying for him, his wife to be, children & family. From what we see he’s a loving man & father who recently drop is first studio album. Praying for a speedy recovery. I’ll keep everyone updated.

Updated: Nipsey has passed away, prayers to his children, wife, family & fans. Please let’s not focus on who been a fan or just now became a fan. As long as the love & prayers are real that’s what matters. Praying

Nipsey was a good man. He inspires people to change and become a better person. Nipsey had ties to his community, opening stores, buying back the block instead of adding negativity to it. Nipsey recently started doing a very interesting documentary on Dr. Sebi and how he successfully cured Cancer, HIV and other “incurable” diseases.

Prayers to Nipsey’s Children, wife, family and fans. Nipsey will be missed and loved. Knowledge is power and it’s something no one can ever take from you. I’ll keep everyone in our prayers. Pray for his family. I’ll keep everyone updated.

Recently people are reporting him DEAD. I’m praying it’s not true I’ll keep praying I don’t wish to believe it until his family say so!
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