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President Of The Philippine Says Shoot Them Dead!!!

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, has made it clear that he will order the police to shoot any one who violates the COVID-19 lockdown, DEAD!!!

The country’s main island (Luzon) is the home of some 57 million residents and they are under strict lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Despite this lockdown, tons of the Manilla residents took to the streets to protest, some claiming they haven’t received food in weeks.

Shoot Them Dead": Philippines President Orders Police to Kill ...

The government would then call the claims untrue, going head up with the protesters & arresting people who refused to return home.

Of course after Duterte’s statements, the officials came to “clarify” (damage control) that this is nothing new from the President who often uses harsh words to simply push the point & that the officers and military personnel knew they weren’t actually being instructed to kill troublemakers.

Some say, it was overboard, others may say he’s leading the only way he sees fit, in order to keep his people safe, what would you say?

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