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President Trump responds: 2nd stimulus ? / Juneteenth National Holiday ?

Two important questions amongst others were asked of our President. See his response below. His response clearly doesn’t answer anything at all but did you expect anything else? Only time will tell, stay tuned.

President Donald Trump spoke one-on-one with Gray Television’s Washington Bureau Chief Jacqueline Policastro Wednesday at the White House. Trump answered questions about a range of topics, including police reform, coronavirus and the election.

JACQUELINE POLICASTRO: Millions of Americans are hurting financially. Will you support a second stimulus payment?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I would do that, and we expect to do that at some point in the very near future. We’re coming up with some concepts now and we expect it to be bipartisan. We think we’re going to get it done.

JACQUELINE POLICASTRO: And quickly, can I just ask, do you think we should make Juneteenth a federal holiday?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: A number of people have asked me that question, we’ll take a look.

Can anyone translate these vague answers? Do you think we will get a second stimulus? Do you think Juneteenth will be a national holiday? Franklin County, Columbus, Ohio is rumored to be the first county to approve 6/19 a national holiday. Lets see if others join as well.

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