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“Private Jet” KULTURE: Living Her Best Life

The beautiful Kulture Kiari Cephus (daughter of Cardi B and Offset) is truly living her best baby life!! Kulture can be seen riding on her parents private jet, getting all the love & all the attention.

Smell my toes mommy!!!

Cardi B has currently been performing overseas and she has her rollie, Kulture right by her side. I really respect Cardi B, not only as an entertainer/female rapper… but I also respect her as a mom. I’m sure she could get as much help as she needed with her baby girl (on the Nanny side) but it seems that Cardi has really embraced this motherhood thing & she’s running with it.

Kulture, ready to make some $money move$ with her parents!

Now we can’t forget to mention Kulture’s daddy, because he is very active in her little young life as well. Offset has four kids all together (including Kulture) and he seems to be a great father to all of them (based off social media). So many times we hear about dead-beat fathers… so we have to take the time to acknowledge the good ones.

The fact that Kulture is being raised with both her mother & father in the same household is definitely something to brag about. You very rarely see that anymore (in or out of Hollywood), so kudos to Kulture’s mom & dad! Offset and Cardi B have been through a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, but they decided to work it out, stick it out & raise their baby girl together. That’s amazing if you ask me.

Last but definitely not least… I’m sure if Kulture could talk, she would tell her mommy how proud of her she is! Cardi B took home six billboard awards, and she definitely deserves it because she has been working so hard this year! “Good Job Mommy” says Kulture… she is her parent’s #1 fan!

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