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Proof The Fury VS Wilder Fight Was Rigged!

Fans around the world were both mad and shocked about Deontay Wilder losing to Tyson Fury… for a second time. But this time, it was something a little different about the fight.

Wilder seemed to be out of shape after taking a couple blows to the head from Fury, and all the people watching just couldn’t understand what was really going on. Take a look at the clip below… It looks like Tyson Fury had something VERY SUSPECT going on with his boxing gloves. It almost looks like he had some type of weight inside the gloves, and his fist was not pushed all the way inside the glove. That’s honestly why I think a lot of his punches were over-extended.

What do you guys think??

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2 thoughts on “Proof The Fury VS Wilder Fight Was Rigged!

  1. THIS IS FROM THE FORST FIGHT! How could you not research this before writing an article accusing someone of something pretty big!!

    1. Same way you didn’t spell check. LOL… everybody makes mistakes. J/K, but do you think this video was photoshopped or do you think it’s real. No matter if it was the 1st or 2nd fight… something looks suspect.

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