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Proud #SugarBaby Is Giving Classes

Shaw Drake with a sugar daddy (not his real face)

The beautiful @Shaw Drake, a proud Sugar Baby, has a Facebook group and will be giving lessons on how to find and date wealthy men who will invest in you financially (with or without giving up any sugar, although she specializes in not giving up any sugar at all).

What is a Sugar Baby you ask? A sugar baby is a person who is in a specific type of mutually beneficial relationship for the expressed purpose of achieving economic security. A sugar baby’s male partner is often referred to as a sugar daddy, while the female equivalent is a sugar momma.

Ms. Drake made a post on Facebook, addressing all her “haters” and anybody who had any type of negative connotations, or preconceived notions attached to her name. She let everybody know about her education, her kid’s education/careers and the fact they are “world schooled,” the fact that she does not have sex with any of the men she dates and much more.

I have been seeing a lot of women on my timeline talking about they wanted to be a sugar baby, without giving up any sugar… so I wanted to share Shaw Drake’s story with you guys. We are currently connecting our schedules, because she will be on my show soon. Until then, check out her post below and visit her Facebook page or website for more information.

Y’all assume I’m uneducated because I am a PROUD #SUGARBABY. Y’all assume my children aren’t taught properly. Y’all SWEAR I am selling my vagina for money. And now to add to the madness, y’all assume I am a scammer because I charge to teach what I do. ?

So here is some REAL share worthy news for y’all hating, unconfident, misery choosing, 411 with the wrong info looking asses!

I’ll be starting a doctoral program soon.

My Daughter who is now 9 years old became a #1 BEST selling author at age 8 and has been featured in Radio DisneyBuzzFeedCocoa Butter, and appeared on The Morning News at Fox 5 DC, several talk shows, and more.

I have world schooled my children in several countries. I know y’all don’t know what that means so I will explain. I developed a curriculum for each of my children tailored to their interests and homeschooled them as we traveled regularly to different countries. They were immersed in new cultures and exposed to new foods and living their best life!

Now that they are back in public school, My youngest son is 2 grades ahead and the top of his class! My oldest son is developing his own shoe line.

As for me, I am pro sex work. But I have ALWAYS known that my vagina is not the only thing that men want from me. I’m intriguing, intelligent, and incredibly fucking gorgeous. I don’t and have never slept with my sugardaddies. I’m a SUGARBABY who doesn’t give sugar, a woman who knows her worth and accepts nothing less than that. And ANY woman in my group can confirm that the tactics, strategies, and principles I teach are not only useful, but easily transcends into vanilla dating and other areas of their lives.

The problem is, you all create this false ass narrative of who I am and what I do instead of just being happy that there is one less black woman choosing struggle love… One more black woman choosing wealth over respectability politics… One brilliant black woman who understands relationship dynamics enough to know that collectively, black women have been fighting a losing battle on the dating scene for so long because the men have written the rules in their own favor.

But I have now REWRITTEN those rules for myself. And guess what? I ?? Am ??Freaking ??Winning!

I don’t sleep with men to earn money.
I don’t misguide my children. 
And I damn sure don’t scam women.

I date wealthy men who invest in me financially and I teach other women how to do the same.

I am a SugarBaby, Professionally.
A professional SugarBaby! 
That’s me. ?

#SugaringWithoutSugar #AGAINThatsNotHisFace #IllBeMoreTactfulLater ??‍♀️ 

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