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Quawan Charles Was Found Dead and Disfigured

IBERIA PARISH, LA. – Quawan Charles, 15-years-old, went missing on October 30 and was found dead four days later on November 4, 2020. Police and autopsy reports indicate he died from drowning, and even a private autopsy obtained by the family reported the same findings.

The family is having a hard time believing he drowned and there was no foul play involved because of the condition his body was found in. His face was mangled so badly, it honestly puts you in the mind frame of how Emmitt Till’s face looked when he was killed in 1955.

Critics have mainly questioned why an Amber Alert was never issued by the department. A source who has knowledge of the case says an Amber Alert wasn’t issued because no evidence was presented that Charles had been abducted.

A statement was issued by Sheriff Tommy Romero, and Quawan’s death is being investigated as a homicide.

“We gathered evidence at the home of individuals who reportedly were with Quawan ‘Bobby’ Charles just before his disappearance. We interviewed these same individuals and are actively tracking their whereabouts,” the statement says. “We have spoken with at least one eye witness who reportedly saw Quawan ‘Bobby’ Charles before his death in the area near where he was later found deceased.”

“Anytime you have a missing child I think all hands need to be on deck,” said Ron Haley, the family’s attorney. “I don’t care if it turns out to be a false report. I don’t care if he turns out to be by a friend’s house or somewhere else and the parents just didn’t know. Just the inkling of the possibility that something like this could happen should mean that every missing child’s case should be taken with the utmost seriousness. And this one wasn’t until it was too late.”

Charles’ family believes race may have been a factor, Haley said.

“The phrase Black lives matter. It’s not just in reference to police brutality cases. It’s the collective indifference at times that are shown from our government institutions our financial institutions, other institutions both in the private and public sector. And in this case, the family’s frustration is they believe if Bobby Charles was a white kid more attention would have been drawn to it immediately,” said Haley. “That, potentially, there could have been an intervention that could have stopped this from happening.”

The picture above shows one of the last people who saw and picked up Quawan Charles, and he was later found dead and disfigured. Law Enforcement asked this Family not to leave Loreauville, LA and they were just spotted gassing up in Lafayette, LA. After being seen loading their U-Haul in the dark of night.

Justice for Quawan Charles!!!!

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