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Racism is taught but that doesn’t mean we’re going to take the disrespect!

Racism is taught and unfortunately our children are suffering! White racist kids created a video on “How to make a Nigger” ugh I hate to even write that word! Two students used the quarantine time to make a disgusting racist video. Of course the dummy’s posted it on to social media and it vent viral!

In the video they are pouring water down the drain and listing what they feel creates a “nigger”. Not having a father, robbing people and not making good choices was some of the horrible things they felt created “niggers”.

Due to their terminology I’m going to assume their racist and come from a long line of white collar, Trailor trash, cousin fucking white Family. Parents, students and the world was in an outrage at the video. The school did respond with a message regrading the video and claims actions have been took.

Although a statement was released people are not satisfied and are threatening to go above the school jurisdiction and take it to the Board of Education so these two disrespectful kids can pay for their ignorant behavior.

In 2020 most white people would love to believe racism doesn’t exists and black people today should stop complaining because we didn’t experience slavery treatments. But this a the perfect example of how on the daily basis we “Black Americans” still endure such harsh treatment. Our child have to attempt to learn in an environment where their peers think less of them and display it!

If these two feel comfortable posting such a disgusting video for the world to see theirs no telling how they treat and talk to their Black ( Africa) American students.

Dear white people stop teaching racism! Stop teaching YOUR children that this is okay because it’s not! If the roles was switch how would you feel? Knowing your child can’t get the proper education because of delinquent students. It’s 2020 and we are not our ancestors. We fight back, with words and fist! I’m not saying it’s right but If someone called my son a “nigger” I’d be ready to punch the right in the mouth. Your ignorant teaching will continue the division between our people!

We can’t get passed the passed if YOU ( white people) see no wrong in racism! This is a new generation of Black people and they are powerful and outside of using violence we can use our minds! People will not allow you or your children to ridicule and disrespect us. Learn some respect. And follow the Golden Rule! Treat people how you want to be treated! God did not put us on earth to be inhumane towards others. I’m all for peace but this video and racist mind frames some white people have will prevent us all from moving forward.

Praying any student that was harmed by this video understand that this is pure ignorance and self-hate. How they view you is NOT confirmation on who you are! You are smart! You are powerful and you are loved! Remember you are kings and queens! And this is the reason you must continue to be successful and prove them wrong.

God don’t bless no mess!

Watch the video below viewer discretion is advised!

Here’s the girls Stephanie ( girl who made video) had to say about the video…

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