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Racist Akron Business Owner Brandishes His Shotgun To Black Man Waiting On Bus

Akron, OH – Owner of Kelvington Auto Services, Earl, located at 2234 Newton Street, in Akron, OH, racially profiled a black man waiting at the bus stop.

When looking on Google for the business… this picture of the KKK actually comes up for Kelvington Auto Services.

Not only did he racially profile the victim, but he also brandished his gun trying to incite fear in his heart. Being honest, this is the exact reason the world is in the state it is right now. Black people have been racially profiled and oppressed for over 400 years, and we are FED UP!

Take a look at the account below from the victim’s father. Here is what he posted on Facebook about the incident, and also a few pictures and a video of the man watching him and showing him his gun. All the victim was trying to do was catch a bus.

Waiting for the bus while black! Today after work, my son James Griffie was waiting at a public bus stop on Newton Street in Akron , Ohio. A white man is parked across the street at his place of employment, Kelvington Auto Service, and watched my son for 10 mins. The man drives up to my son and says “No harm no foul…I just want to know if you’re waiting for the bus.” (Not your business!) He drives away. 15 mins later, the man returns to the parking lot to watch James for another 5-10 mins. Then he drives up AGAIN, showing off a shotgun on his lap (see photo) and says, “Im a little nervous because there’s a lot going on right now.” He pulls forward and talks to someone in another vehicle.

Nervous to be standing at a bus stop on a side street, James walks to another bus stop on Darrow Road, a main road. The white man pulls into a plaza parking  lot behind the bus stop to keep watching James until a bus comes.

James notified Akron police, sharing the videos and pics with them.

It hurts my heart that James and I have to be worried about simply going to work and waiting on the bus! This white man’s fear is a lethal weapon that fortunately wasn’t fully deployed today! I’m so tired of racism and the privilege of some arrogant, scared white ppl who criminalize black people for being black! His skin color IS NOT A CRIME!

WE NEED ACTION! We see in the video that the man works for Kelvington Auto Service and his name looks to be Earl.

We want charges pressed!

We want his face all over social media and all of Akron to know who he is!

It is not ok to pull a gun on my son!  Had he tried to defend himself, dude would have claimed he feared for his life! You can’t pull a gun on us FOR NO REASON then claim your fear for you life! That’s how we DIE!

How do I advise my son on staying safe from racists who criminalize his skin color? Like how??? We are helpless! It’s starting to seem there’s a plan to put a target on our backs by enstilling fear of our skin color into the hearts of gun-toting white Americans. 

Earl is reportedly the owner. Does the public want to support someone who used a shotgun to stalk, harass and intimidate James for doing absolutely NOTHING?

Let’s flood Kelvington’s phone lines letting them know this is no ok!

And is it legal to drive with a loaded gun in your lap, sir???

Please share and support! Thanks y’all.

So glad you’re ok, James! This time. Lord.

~ Larry Griffie

Why is it a crime to be black in America???

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9 thoughts on “Racist Akron Business Owner Brandishes His Shotgun To Black Man Waiting On Bus

  1. Kkk really his photo for his business needs shut down.People get the word out DONT DO BUSINESS THEIR.SHUT THEM DOWN PERIOD..BLACK LIVES MATTER IM WHITE.AND WE ALL BLEED THE SAME..GOD LOVES US ALL.

  2. Now he he got the police over there because he scared. Will maybe next time he learns to shut his mouth. The cop should be putting him in jail for what he did 👺👺👺👺

  3. That is bs! I live less than a mile from this business. I will say this though. That picture is fake. I googled it and it’s not there, unless they took it down.

  4. This picture is not any where on the internet except in this exact form. I don’t think it’s real. What is real is the fear both people were feeling. Earl “fearing” for his business and the gentleman waiting for the bus fearing for his life. Kelvin grin Auto does need to close down shop, and not provide anymore services in the community. One way to ensure this happens is to boycott and educate the community.

  5. People really need to do more research than what is fake news. The kkk picture is not associated with this business. If you actually watch the video they had a conversation and nothing racist was said. We actually live in America and it is a constitutional right to carry a gun, so with all the riots happening and people’s businesses being affected it is his right to bear arms or have we just thrown the constitution out? Videos can often only show one side of a situation, so I feel until you see the before and after of both sides, just remember that a one sided video could put you at risk as well for judgement. Have we now have become a country that people are guilty for utilizing their constitutional rights such as freedom of speech and right to bear arms if it doesn’t suit the right agenda?

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