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Racist MURDER Confession

This is really a sick world we live in!  There have always been racist people (since as long as I can remember), but it seems like ever since Donald Trump was elected at the President of the United States, there has been a rise in people being outwardly racist.  I see it all through my time line on Face Book, it’s like people are no longer afraid to tell how they really feel about certain groups of people.

I wanted to get these pictures out there.  This racist woman who was teasing somebody about their dark skin (cyber bullying).  I am not sure if her confession is true or not, but I feel like we should get it out there because it just may be true… and if it’s not true, who knows what this lady is capable of.

Be on the lookout of Mackenzie Harper of Sayre, Pennsylvania .. she is racist & speaks about killing black little girls.

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