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Raw & Uncut w/ Mella 8-15-18

Raw & Uncut w/ Mella is an “adult” radio talk show.  

I am your host Mella and I am here to not only to let you guys into a small glimpse of my world in the adult entertainment industry, but I’m also here to educate you on different topics and to challenge you guys to be open to thinking outside of the box.  A lot of the topics we will talk about may seem a bit “taboo” or even controversial, and it may not be something you’re in to… but my goal is to help our people be “less ignorant” on our sexuality.  We all came in this world from our parents having sex.  Hopefully, this platform will encourage people to be more open to talking about sex.

Tonight we talked about “tricking”…  It ain’t trickin if you got it, RIGHT?!?!?

Tune in every Wednesday @ 8:30 PM.  Log on to earkandyradio.com/live-radio or call in to listen only or comment 646-787-8528.

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