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Ray J Caught With Another Woman – What About His Pregnant Wife??

I don’t even know why these celebrities try to cheat out in public… the paparazzi is EVERYWHERE! A simple onlooker can turn into paparazzi if they catch the right shot, especially for the right price!

Well yall’s boy Ray J was “allegedly” caught cheating with some big head beotch… while Princess is somewhere pregnant and probably taking care of their daughter. If you take a look at the video, you can see Ray J pulling the “big head beotch” close to him and into his car.

It’s just like Ray J can’t get it together. Just a couple weeks ago, Princess claimed that he left her and their daughter in Las Vegas while he went out to party.

I just don’t understand how and/or WHY people cheat with somebody who doesn’t even compare to their mate.

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