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Ray Jr. On Ear Kandy Radio

Ray Jr., DeAnna Kay & Brittney Miller of Ear Kandy Radio
at Ohio Fight Night (RB3 Sports)

Cleveland’s own, Ray Jr. was interviewed on #AllThingsMatter hosted by Brittney Miller, the CEO of Ear Kandy Radio, located right in Akron, OH.

Ray Jr. called in to promote the Ohio Fight Night in Cleveland this past weekend at the Agora Theatre & Ballroom. He actually performed at the event as well, where we got a chance to meet him in person. He was super cool & down to earth. He even told us that his interview was “shaking.”

Now when he called in, I have to admit that he was a little preoccupied with the basketball game that was on, plus we were having some technical difficulties as well, but the interview still was pretty dope. I learned that Ray Jr. is not really pursuing his music right now, as he is working on his film “Rent Due” which has a tentative release date of August 11th.

The film will be a comedy and Ray Jr. will be acting along side MGK (Machine Gun Kelly). Ray Jr. expressed how excited he was about the film and also let us know he would be looking for the media/press to come out when the movie releases! Now you know we will be Johnny On The Spot!

Now the dopest part of the interview was actually off air. As soon as the interview was over, Ray Jr. sent me a screen shot of a text message he received as soon as we got done doing the interview. The person texting him was saying they just heard his interview on Ear Kandy Radio and if they could promote his film coming out in August!

Ear Kandy Radio looks forward to working with Ray Jr on his upcoming projects… Stay tuned! But if you missed the interview, check it out here.

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