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Raz B Came for BET for Playing Chris Stokes Movies

Former B2K member Raz B is upset with BET for still playing Chris Stokes’ movies after the molestation allegations.

If you guys can remember, Raz B accused Chris Stokes and Marques Houston of molestation when he was younger and still a member of B2K. He went public and told how Stokes made him and another member of the group perform oral sex on each other and also perform other sexual acts with other men in the industry.

Raz B does not consider himself gay, because it was not his fault for what those older and more influential men made him do when he was just a teenager. He loves girls… but it looks like he is going to continue to speak his truth until justice is served. Here is an old recording of Raz B telling what happened to him as a youngster.

Do you guys think he should just let it go or keep trying to get justice?

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