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Real ass b***h… pregnant by wait… what!

That’s right “Real ass bitch give a fuck about a nigga is actually pregnant by one! Young Miami took to her IG to reveal to fans that she’s pregnant! She hasn’t said who the father is but sources say she’s having a baby girl.

Young Miami Pregnant

Fans where shocked! Some would say heart broken. Videos of them singing lyrics to her song then crying was posted to her IG as well. She posted a long caption explaining why she waited so long and how this is God’s plan for her personal life. She also expressed how others felt she shouldn’t rap and wouldn’t take the group far. She deleted the drawn out caption but of course I got the screenshot!

Miami explication about her pregnancy

As you know once the group got hot Jt one of the group members was convicted of Credit card fraudulent. She was sentenced to 24 months. She went in July 17, 2018. Her release date is next summer 2020. Some felt Miami would not be able to hold the group down while Jt was locked up and felt she should quit.

Welp she listen to her gut and kept the groups name alive. Young Miami has rocked multiple shows. As well as did guest performances with hot artists such as Trina and Meek mills even brought her out during his tour!

Congrats Miami on your new blessing. She rumored to be pregnant with a girl. She already has a son. Congratulations keep going and fuck the haters boo! Your a phenomenal woman and can do whatever you put your mind too!

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