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Red Meat? White Meat? No Meat

Healthy eating is becoming a trend and a trend worth following. Taking care of yourself is crucial and they say you are what you eat. Exercising is a good way to stay in shape and have a nice physic but what matters most is whats on the inside. Are your organs getting the proper nutrients needed to function properly? Lets face it, cutting out meat is one of the most challenging habits to break. Red meat isn’t healthy so most people go with white meat but based on this article where they did a study on the different effects of the meat and apparently white meat also gives you high cholesterol. Of course meat gives us the protein we need in our daily living but we have to challenge ourselves to find other substitutes such as tofu, mushrooms etc.

For my meat lovers, I am not saying cut out meat completely but you could get create no meat Mondays. Get creative on your Sunday dinners. I cut out meat a year ago and can say I am happy I did. Although I do miss certain foods and sometimes I may venture back and try something, I am a non meat eater. You just have to discipline yourself and find creative ways to eat healthy. If it helps not eating meat does help with weigh loss for anyone trying to lose weight. Grocery stores also hold meatless meat. Yes There is meat that is not meat that has the same benefits.

It’s a little more expensive for small portions but its worth trying to eat more healthy. Open up more to veggies and find different items that can help you be more open to what you need. Challenging yourself now with healthy eating, will have your future self feeling grateful. One thing I can say about eating healthy is that, its not cheap and a little expensive. Could it be because a lot of people aren’t eating healthy? Or is society telling us they rather us be unhealthy? I mean it keeps the hospitals with a job, who knows. Anyway, you guys check out this article below on how the researchers did a human study on how red and white meat are effecting us.


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