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Dark skin women are not beautiful

Before you get pissed off at me. Black is beautiful! NO MATTER THE SHADE. I love our melanin and how we can create multiple shades of beauty. Let’s be clear but let’s talk about the fact dark skin women may not always have been viewed as beautiful to society. Fuck them! Period love yourself no matter what “shade of black” you are.

Recently the beautiful Jamaica artist and Love And Hip Hop star  Ms. Spice revealed photos of herself with much lighter skin then normal. This shocking the world and causing an uproar. Spice deleted all pictures of herself when she had darker skin and posted a picture of her as a light skin women.

She working on a new project and released a music video called Black Hypocrisy. Where she speaks on how people told her she’d go further in her career if her skin was lighter. How many other darker skin women have been told this? How many young girls have been pick on for being darker in skin tone.

The Jamaica artist new music video express how she was told she was inferior to other’s based off her skin tone. The most shocking part is she explained it came from other Black people. We all know in the Africa American community there’s a “light skin vs dark skin race war”. Literally we as people have been  taught to believe lighter complexion people are superior to dark  complexion people.

This week on Secret Battles 10/30/2018 will speak with women who are darker in skin tone and air out the secret battles they faced because of how they looked. Now I can’t give everything away. So tune in this Tuesday. Download the Ear Kandy Radio app and listen live. Call in to listen (657)383-1712 and if you wish to comment press one to speak with us. Which I encourage everyone one to do remember you can remain anonymous. As always I never judge or allow anyone else to. Watch live via Facebook (DeAnna Kay Bailey) and let’s bring about the truth behind this ugly race war between our own. Thanks for the support and remember it’s time to heal from the hurt you felt. Treat others how you wished to be treated. Be sure to watch Spice’s video #blackhyocrisy and follow her IG for all updates. Big up to Spice for shining a light on a wonderful topic that needs to be addressed. I love how she spells out the word Black.






Teaching black young girls and women to embrace their skin, their self as a whole and be great  despise what society says. Yes Queen yes!

Love your favorite sister DeAnna Kay be blessed


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