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Relationship Advice

I need some advice from your viewers.  I am dating this dude who is really a sweet heart but I believe he just has a bad rep.  We been 2gether for about 6 months now and every thing seems 2 be goin real good.  Heres the issue.  He used to put his hands on his ex-girlfriend.  I guess they were together for a few yrs but from what I hear, she was real disrespectful and needed to be smacked up.  You cant just go around talkin all crazy to a man & think nothing will happen to you.

I’m just so tired of everybody telling me that he is a woman beater.  I like to think people can change.  My friends keep telling me I need to leave him alone because its only a matter of time before he hits me.  Do you guys agree or do you think people can change?  Just cuz he hit her dont mean he is gonna hit me.  please help me?

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