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Remy Ma & Papoose Are Expecting!!!

Remy Ma and Papoose definitely have a lot of reasons to be happy and celebrating right now!  They recently renewed their wedding vows on June 29, 2018, after getting married back in 2008 and it was a beautiful ceremony!  Remy Ma had on a beautiful butterfly encrusted dress that matched her shoes perfectly!

After the rappers walked down the aisle to renew their vows, the couple revealed they’re expecting a child!!!  Remy Ma started the announcement by saying, “And although we told you all guys we were bringing you out here to renew our vows, which we are, we also wanted all of our family here when we told you guys…”

Papoose then rubbed his bride’s belly and said “We’re going to have a baby!”

We are so happy for Remy Ma & Papoose!!!  They deserve everything that has been coming their way.  Although this is not either one of their 1st kids, this is their 1st child together… and after the miscarriage they experienced, like I said, they really deserve it!


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