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Reunited Jt is Free…almost

Free jt

The wait it almost over! Jt is free! Period…. we’ll kind of. Young Miami took to her Ig to post a video of Jt freely dancing saying she was FREE! If you read my previous article on them you’d know Jt was indicted on fraud charges and was sentenced to two years in prison and was not suppose to be released until 2020.

from video

On Tuesday, The Blast reported that JT’s legal team filed a motion to have the rapper moved from prison to a halfway house, where she would be able to work on music with her group member Yung Miami. According to documents obtained by the site, JT was given 108 days good conduct time credit, making it so that she’s served 15.6 months of her original two-year sentence for felony fraud charges. As a result, her attorneys felt that she exhibited proficient behavior that would continue if granted permission to live in a supervised facility. 

Jt & Young Miami

So as of now Jt is free to work on her music and hopefully start doing shows! This is great news for Young Miami who recently revealed she was pregnant! ( see previous article) and missed her sister. She would post Jpay emails of Jt providing her sister with encouraging words and reminded her to kill it every show!

The two are not blood sisters but when you spent years as friends they become family. City girls fans will be happy seeing how everyone thought their city girl summer was canceled due to Miami pregnancy. Nope the show will go on and of course I wish nothing but the best for the group! As always I’ll keep everyone updated on what’s next.

Update jt is officially FREE! Jt took to Ig to let fans know she’s back!

New music is on the way as well. Young Miami held it down for the group while Jt did her time. That’s a real ass friend! Jt is home just in time for Princess Summer! She’s looks great! Iced out, glowing ready to take off where they left offed. And of course I’ll keep everyone updated.

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