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Rob Kardashian Denied Emergency Custody Of Dream

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are involved in an ongoing custody battle for their daughter Dream. Rob filed an emergency motion back in January to be granted primary custody of Dream because he alleged Chyna gets drunk and fights around Dream.

He was asking to have primary custody and for Chyna to only be able to see her on the weekends, and only if a nanny was present. The judge did not agree with his emergency motion, on the basis that it was not truly an emergency. He will just have to wait it out in family court.

“Chyna will not back down from Rob and his family’s attempt to take away her agreed-upon custody of Dream. She will continue to take all necessary steps to protect her children, including defeating Rob’s and his family’s latest attempt to undermine Chyna’s joy as a mother to Dream and her ability to make a living as a single mother – without any child support from Rob.”

~Blac Chyna’s lawyer

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