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Rondo and CP3 fight mid game!!

Los Angeles Lakers Vs Houston Rockets last Saturday was a game to be seen. During the fourth quarter in a intense game, Brandon Ingram had an disagreement with the referees. Harden then got to mouthing off something so Ingram shoced him across court. Due to this Rondo and Chris Paul ended up exchanging words at the free throw line. Rondo spit on Paul during the altercation which then woukd have Paul shoving his finger on Rondo’s head. Rondo proceeds to swing a hook and connect with Paul’s face. Then swinging a few more hooks, Paul retaliated with an uppercut to Rondo’s chin following a hook. During the scuffle Brandon Ingram woukd run over and sock Paul in his head. Shortly after Lebron James would grab Paul which is a very close friend to him and end the fight. Every player in the fight would get suspended. Paul two games, Rondo three and, Ingram would get four.

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