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Rumors of President Obama & Beyonce Having an Affair!!!

Beyonce Obama

If this rumor is true… this picture is literally worth a thousand words to say the least!!!  BUT come on guys…  I don’t know if I can buy this one.

The French Newspaper (le Figaro – France’s 2nd largest newspaper) is supposed to be coming out with the story tomorrow!  

President Barack and Michelle Obama just celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary…  & Beyonce and Jay Z have been married for almost six years.  Both of the couple’s are in the lime light entirely too much & I think this would be the scandal of all scandals!!!  The French paper is trying to compare Beyonce to Marilyn Monroe, Monica Lewinsky or even “The Real Olivia Pope” (from Scandal).

What & how do you guys feel about this possible story???  I’m sure all the haters would love to believe this is true & would love to see both of their relationships end.  Me personally, I just don’t buy it.  I need some rock hard solid proof of the affair or a confession from one of the two.  But I will tell you this… 1st Lady Michelle Obama is not going for any of this foolery!  She will put them paws on Bey in the worst way.  

Stay tuned for any updates to this story… but comment below and blog with me!  Do you guys think this scandal is true???  Comment Below…….

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