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Sad developing story

Tuesday News 5 Cleveland reported the very sad story of the  brutal murder of a four year old Girl.  Anaya Day only four years of age was burned after a blow of blunt force trauma to the head killed her. It also stated she was  lacking nutrition. Her mother Sierra Day and her boyfriend Deonte Lewis is charged with murder and was arrested at the scene. Video of her father  Garrett was heart breaking. Watching him yell & cry over the death of his beloved child. Him and her mother Ms.Day was  schedule for a custody hiring Monday. Since last fall Garrett was trying to gain custody of his beautiful four year old daughter. Ms. Day had three prior investigations of neglect and an open case that would have took place Monday. Prayers to this father, I’m praying for his strength to get through a horrible lost. In Euclid Ohio Sierra & Deonte both pledged not guilty to murder. I’ll keep you updated on where this horrible sad case ends. Prayers for the family of  Anaya Day. No child deserves the  trauma  she endured, a mother is suppose to protect and love her child, may she Rest In Peace and get the justice she deserves.

Tuesday’s show was about single father & information for people who may need assistance. Go to shows/blog click on Secret battles and listen to my show. Or follow me on Facebook at DeAnna Kay Bailey and watch my live from Tuesday that aired at 7pm. Father’s matter and are important! It’s time for a change. http://bit.ly/2GhIoKW

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