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Sadaria Davis (Friend of Kenneka Jenkins) Found Dead & Body Mutilated

We all remember the killing of Kenneka Jenkins from Chicago which happened last year.  It seems like everybody all over the country was tuned in, trying to solve the murder.  Everybody had their own ideas and theories of what actually happened… but we never truly found out what happened to her.

Well there has been another fishy murder in the city of Chicago.  A girl name Sadaria Davis (15 years old) went missing on April 27th of this year and about three weeks later she was found DEAD in an abandoned apartment building minutes away from where she went missing.  She was last seen leaving her home in the East Garfield Park neighborhood (near Adams and Keeler), but the rest of the details are sketchy.  Reports are also stating that her and Kenneka Jenkins were friends.

Nobody seems to know where Sadaria was headed when she left her house.  The family used social media avenues to get the words out about her missing, but they never got any good leads.  Her body was found less than a mile away from her home.  Police will not confirm the rumors, but word has been going around that when her body was found it was mutilated and even some of her fingers and organs were missing.  The Chicago Police Department has also not confirmed how she died.  The autopsy reports came back inconclusive.

Sadly when Sadaria’s body was found, another woman in the Chicago area was reported missing.  The Chicago residents are complaining that the missing persons/deaths of the black girls/woman are not receiving the same coverage as when other races go missing.  The family of Sadaria is urging anybody with any information to call 312-744-8266.  Prayers to this family and all the families experiencing this type of situation.  We will continue to follow the story.


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2 thoughts on “Sadaria Davis (Friend of Kenneka Jenkins) Found Dead & Body Mutilated

  1. Why are these young girls being let out to party and hang out at night when they should be home.

    1. That is a very honest question that parents need to enforce. It still does not fix the problem with cases being treated differently. Let’s say they do not treat cases differently but strive to ensure all are equally pursued. Well if that is true they are in desperate need of showing the community they are working all cases equally.
      The police are needed and the justice department. Not what we currently have which is 3/4 criminal, corrupt people who need to be removed, jailed, etc. Our entire law enforcement and the Justice system need immediate scrubbing of all the crap. Race should never be an issue or thought once skin, sex makes people better or worse.

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