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Safaree & Does Size Really Matter


Women think we have it so hard with so many different things we have to do to keep ourselves looking good.  There’s the hair & nail appointments, spending time in the gym (working out at home), eyes brows arched, eyelash extensions, make-up, waxing, dieting, and of course we can’t forget about our new clothes and shoes (because a girl can never have too much).  It seems we do all this just to get and keep a man (oh, I know some of you ladies do it for yourself because you’re the f*ck*ng coldest lol … a lil drake for you).

But let’s take time out to think about the fellas.  Most of them try to pride themselves on being GREAT in the bedroom…  but can a man really be great in the bedroom if he is lacking in the penis department??  I guess whhat I’m really asking is does size really matter?

A new study has suggested that it’s actually the size and position of a woman’s vagina that affects her ability to orgasm.  Often it’s a man’s penis shape and size which is the hot topic of discussion when talking about how pleasurable sex is for a woman.  But instead, this new study has looked into the differences of a woman’s anatomy and how it affects their orgasmic capability.

Penis size is a common source of anxiety for men. Because of unrealistic expectations about what is and isn’t normal perpetuated by media and pornography, a surprising number of guys worry about whether or not their penis is big enough.  As stated above, the researchers found that the average penis size — using a sample of more than 15,500 men — was 3.6 inches (9.16 cm) when flaccid and 5.1 (13.12 cm) inches when erect.  The study data should come as a relief to many men, confirming that the “six inches” average that’s often promoted in media or casual conversation isn’t even close to the reality of penis size.

Researchers have revealed that it could actually be the shape of a woman’s vagina that determines whether or not she can climax.  The study, which was conducted by experts at Indiana University, found that a woman with a clitoris that’s positioned with one inch or less from their urinary tract will find it easier to orgasm through penetrative sex.  This is because the close proximity to the urinary tract allows a woman to enjoy sufficient satisfactory friction around her clitoris, which enables her to climax during sex.  But, if a woman’s clitoris is positioned one inch or more away from her urinary tract, it’s unlikely she will be able to achieve an orgasm through penetration.

Many of the sex gurus suggest that woman become familiar with their bodies & that knowing your clitoris location should be able to help you understand what works better for you and your partner during sexual intercourse.

But it still doesn’t answer the question.  Ladies… what do you think?  Does size really matter?  Do you generally come to an  orgasm by way of penetration or clitoral stimulation?  & if a man does have some good sex (big junk) do you think he is able to get away with more stuff in the relationship?  Like are you willing to overlook small transgressions (like cheating or domestic violence)?  Maybe that’s why Nicki Minaj put up with Safaree for so long.  Speaking of Safaree…  look what leaked on Twitter last night…..







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