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sandy 1sandyPlease check out this video released by Waller County, TX county jail.  It is the full video of her booking process… & it looks like she was NOT dead at the time of booking.  There has been a lot of speculation regarding her death, and I do feel this has answered a lot of questions; HOWEVER… she still died on the watch of the Waller County jail.  Should they still be tried for her murder?  Especially since they are claiming she hung herself on a 5ft shower rob (when she was 6 ft tall)…. and the fact she was really roughed up prior to her arrest… AND she was arrested for changing lanes without signalling.


I am very anxious to see the results of the private autopsy the family paid for.  They keep saying large levels of marijuana were in her system, but when have you ever personally heard of somebody killing themselves because of marijuana.  Everybody please stay prayed up & continue to follow this case.

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