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Sandusky Toddler Wants To Know At What Age Do Black Boys Stop Being Cute & Become A Threat??

With all the protests going on around the world for #GeorgeFloyd, unarmed black man killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin (& the countless other black people who have lost their lives at the hands of untrained, racist police officers), I saw this picture on Facebook and it really made me think.

Little Teyton is only three years old and he is just the cutest little guy, but the sign he’s holding during a protest in Sandusky, OH speaks volumes! At what age do people really stop looking at black boys as “cute” and start seeing them as a threat??

I asked a few people in my small circle, and most of the answers were between 9-12. At nine years old, most boys are interested in playing video games, a lot of times they aren’t even into girls yet. How can they really be considered a threat… better yet, WHY are they considered a threat?

Is it their dark skin, their size or is it their potential, their ability, their strength?

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But that didn’t stop the police from killing innocent Tamir Rice, a 12 year-old black boy who was killed while carrying a replica TOY airsoft gun. Why does it seem like the police are so afraid of black men, when they are the ones carrying a baton, pepper spray, a taser and a gun? Why aren’t they better trained to deal with people of color? It’s so unfair we have to teach our children at such a young age to basically be fearful of the police, because they can and will kill you if they feel “intimidated.”

Please weigh in below… When do black boys stop being cute & become a threat?

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2 thoughts on “Sandusky Toddler Wants To Know At What Age Do Black Boys Stop Being Cute & Become A Threat??

  1. First of all, I think the entire question is ridiculous. I have never in my life as a white woman and a single white mother felt threatened or uncomfortable around any black man or woman I’ve ever met. I don’t understand why this is all being made into a black thing. What happened to George Floyd was absolutely horrible and the whole country stands in solidarity for this Injustice. I also quite vividly remember what happened to poor little Tamir Rice. I cried, as a grandmother of eight, I cried like a baby. And from that point on I taught my grandchildren that weapons of any kind other than water guns are not to be played with outside. Plastic knives, you know the little toy like pirate knives, cap guns, toy guns, they are not allowed to have any of those outside without strict adult supervision because of that exact reason. I explained my grandchildren Aunt very often that when they take twice like that outside without adult supervision the police can very easily mistake them for real guns especially when the tips are removed or you just never know if a toy plastic pirate knife is realistic enough, if they’re playing, for policemen to see that and they’re not going to know right away that it’s not a real knife. So, they have to do what they have to do to make sure that they’re keeping others safe. With that being said, I think it’s very important that we remember that parenting is a very very big part of this. This is not a black issue. This is a countrywide issue it’s something that we’re all concerned about. I understand the protesters. I stand in solidarity with them. I also think that the protests maybe best held off until we see how this turns out the officers been arrested he’s been charged let’s see what happens that’s all they can be done at this point. As far as the rioters and looters, they are just proving the point of the police that sometimes excessive force is necessary. Stop being thugs and hoodlums and protest the right way. Rioting and looting is not protesting. Rioters are taking the livelihood of many businesses that have already been highly impacted by covid-19 and these people had nothing to do with what happened to George Floyd. I would like to think that people would have enough common sense to talk to their children right now because I see a lot of teenagers on the news rioting and looting and I feel bad because where is that parental guidance? If I even thought that one of my children or grandchildren were out rioting and looting, I would go out and find them and drag them home by the scruff of their neck and boy would they have hell to pay when they got home because they were raised better than that. I can’t look at all these young kids and say oh look at these thugs because that’s not what I think. I think, oh my gosh, where are their parents when they’re out doing this because it’s a total lack of responsibility. With riots going on across the country, my children have been keeping my grandchildren home to keep them safe like any sane parent would do. Please keep in mind that nothing that I just said regarding the rioters applies to the peaceful protesters. Again for all of you that are peacefully protesting I I commend you your setting a great example for your children, your setting a great example for your grandchildren, for your community, and I stand beside you 100% this is a horrible Injustice. God bless you all and keep you safe and know that God is with you.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! This wasn’t a racial issue… it was an issue against ALL humanity! A police officer, whom we all should support and trust, broke that trust! Everyone, who has an ounce of compassion, was heart broken, at the injustice that was done, to a human being… we ALL watched the video, and were horrified! During the video, there was nothing racial occurring, so I’m very irritated that it is being considered a racial incident… many white (and other races) have been killed (and statistics show a greater number, of nonblack deaths), at the hands of authority, but there are no protests (tame or violent). When one chooses to break the law, no matter how minor, they should know they are at risk of losing their life! Only those watching know what transpired prior, to the neck kneeling, but that excessive force was uncalled for! If unions didn’t work so hard, to protect bad employees, this would have never had a chance, to happen… this officer has been in trouble before, on more than one occasion! The violence comes, from well paid thugs that are bussed in… they are being used as pawns, to try to destroy our Country, through racial separation, and it wouldn’t surprise me, if that evil officer was a well paid thug, as well! As far as the child’s sign (the one he did not write)… all kiddos once they get an attitude, stop being cute! Again, that is ALL KIDS, not just black kids (boys)! Please, stop thinking everything is against black folks… stop assuming everyone is against y’all! Most people (Asian, Black, Mexican, White, etc.) are not racist, but do remember that racism can come from ALL colors of people… this is not a white exclusive thing! God Bless The Family And Friends… God Bless Our Great Nation!

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