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SCAM LIKELY – New Scam Targeting Small Business Owners

There’s a new scam going around social media, and I can’t believe I almost fell for it!!

I was messaged by one of my Face Book friends telling me about a new “grant program” that gave her business a $30,000 grant (money that does not need to be paid back). She asked me if I was interested in getting more information… & you know me, I’m like “HELLLL YEAAAAA”

She sent me the contact information, so I went ahead and texted him like she instructed me. I received a response immediately asking me for some personal information (Name, Address, Email, Monthly Salary Amount, Gender, & the reason I wanted the money). This was my 1st red flag because I didn’t feel comfortable sending this information to him through a text message. That’s when he sent me the “website” & said I could enter the information over the website.


So I went to the website, and it reassured me A LITTLE BIT… but I was still skeptical. Since they didn’t ask for a social security number, I went ahead and filled the application out. The man messaged me a few minutes later, telling me that my application was approved, sent me over some tracking numbers & asked me how much I wanted to apply for. That’s when I knew for sure it was a 100% SCAM!

I did a little research online and found out the BBB (Better Business Bureau) has already put an article out about this exact same scam! They’ve been preying on people since 2017 (1st time they got caught). Check out the article from the BBB.

BBB WARNS OF “FREE MONEY” SCAM VIA FACEBOOK Lexington Senior Citizen Loses $500

I also went on the Face Book Friends page who initially told me about it. I scrolled down, and she made a status about her account being hacked.

Don’t be fooled!!!

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