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School Staff ASSAULTS a Student

I am OUTRAGED by this video!  I do not have the details about the name of the school or the child’s name (plus I need to make sure the family is okay with their kid’s name being listed), but I have reached out to the family.  It looks like this boy may be in middle school, but what this staff member did was totally out of line.  I cannot even imagine if this was my child.  & we really need to commend this boy because he did not hit that teacher back.  I do not know what happened before the video, but the boy seems to be sitting down eating lunch, not being aggressive at all.  Also, looking through the pictures, it looks like this boy is a young athlete and has a gentle face.  WOW!!!

Parents, what would you have done if this was your child.  I am definitely following this story, but please check this out.


All kids should be safe at school all he was trying to do was eat his lunch

Posted by Lamar Ready on Wednesday, 7 February 2018

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