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Season 2 Premiere of Wayne’s Views

Today was the debut of the most anticipated internet talk series, ‘Wayne’s Views’ only on Ear Kandy Radio.

We were able to catch up with Wayne to see what he’s been doing since last season and also to see why is expected on this upcoming season…which you WILL NOT want to miss.

Congrats are in order!

Wayne shared with his viewers his accomplishments throughout his inbreeding time during seasons.

His big house was among one of his proudest accomplishments thus far, reminding us how in the past he’s had to sleep in a car with his son.

Nevertheless, it’s Wayne and wouldn’t be such without the controversy. A lot of fans frowned upon the fact that Wayne expressed his happiness the wrong way by posting a picture of his kids with the caption “We all deserve to walk around our shit butt booty ass naked.”

It wasn’t long before the picture was posted and Wayne got plenty of negative back lash from it.

According to him, both of the kid’s mothers questioned him as to why he did, but weren’t as angry as social media was.

He also shared his ability and disability co parenting with both of his kids mothers and how it’s now strained with one for being cordial with the other.

Not to mention his more recent happening with “Kohl’s Most Wanted”, noKash Kat.

Here’s a few clips from Wayne’s debut show.



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