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Season finale of #WaynesViews

The past 8 weeks of hosting #WaynesViews has been a roller coaster ride!

I was fortunate enough to work amongst some AMAZING people,

I was able to shine light on certain topics,

And apparently I inspired a some people.

The response I’ve received from this show has been somewhat overwhelming, as expected.

Good and bad.

More good than bad.

And I chose to respond to what I wanted to respond to.

My intent was never to

offend anyone,

slander anyone,

judge anyone,

degrade anyone

in any shape, form or fashion.

So if I did,

I sincerely

don’t really give a shit.

My purpose for #WaynesViews was to share with my worldwide audience who I AM first and foremost.

Moving forward,

the option is always left to either follow me,

or not.

For those who continue to follow me and allow me to entertain,

I thank you.


please exit gracefully.

With that being said,

Friday August 31 will be the season finale episode of #WaynesViews

I’ll be taking up speaking engagements and interviews,

sharing my story,

I’ll also be working on other projects with #EarKandyRadio

and again,


or don’t.

As far as my health,

I chose to take some time off of my Alkaline diet for personal reasons.

During that time,

I also decided against medication.

It won’t be long before I’m back Alkaline.

Studies show that I’ll be “cured” after 90-120 days on this diet.

I’ll still occasionally share with my viewers my progress,

or lack there of,

but believe it or not,


So I say ‘occasionally’,

due to another choice of mine to fall back from social media.

But of course, I’ll still be around for radio purposes and promotions,

Thank you all for all the



encouraging words,

pep talks,

motivating incentives,

hits, likes and views.

I shared who I am as open as I could.

I can’t wait to see who the future brings,

or tear away.


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