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Secret Battles 5-15-18

Secret Battles is a radio talk show focused on bringing the battles we face behind closed doors to the light.

We often hold in our most inner secrets for various reasons, but I wish to be that “good sister/friend” you can talk to without judgement. Some of the topics we will focus on are child molestation, domestic violence, mental illness, mental abuse, bitter men & women and parenting. I’ll also touch on how the system tires to break up families & make it hard for men who wish to be active fathers in their kid’s lives.

Tonight we will be talking with I am Ty!

These are just a few topics we will discuss on Secret Battles. I started this show because I love to talk and help people open up.


Never let your struggles define you as a person because you can always over come them. So join me, DeAnna Kay every Tuesday at 7pm on Earkandyradio.

It’s time to talk… but mostly heal.

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