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Secret Battles short story

Tray must have felt bad about beating me up for no reason yesterday because I woke up to bags full of stuff. New Bebe bag & a black Bebe dress with knee high red bottoms. Victoria secret bra & pantie sets, new jogging suits & 5 bands. Tray even order me breakfast because lord knows he can’t cook lol. Once I finished my breakfast Tray kiss me & said “I love you kay kay” placing one hand on my inner thigh he pulled me closer & stuck his tongue down my throat. Grabbing me by my hair wrapping his hand in it pulling my head Back while his big lips kissed my neck. Taking one finger slowly siding it into my moist pussy. Throwing me against the wall, kissing me between my big brown beautiful breast til he reaches my pussy. Taking one leg over his shoulder he flicked his tongue over my clit as I moan softly. “Fuck” thats all I could get out, moving his tongue faster while one finger played in my pussy another in my ass, I moaned with pleasure “eat this pussy baby tell me your sorry” I was still upset with him but my body craved his touch. Once I climaxed from his wet tongue he bent me over with my back against the wall & my hands grabbing my ankles. He slide every inch of him inside me! The deeper he went the harder I Squeezed my pussy muscle gripping his long thick erection. Fucking me so hard all I could do was moan “fuck me daddy, go deeper” the clapping sound of my phat ass hitting against him. Thrusting & stroking me long and hard my pussy splashed with pleasure. As each stroke got faster I lift up & wrapped my legs around his waist & bounced backwards on trays strong hard black cock til he collapsed on the bed lol

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