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Secret battles Short story

Once again I’m laying on the kitchen floored covered in blood. While Tray standing over me in rage. I block my face anticipating my next blow. But it never came he kick me & said “ get up bitch & make my plate”. So I got my ass up off the floor went to the bathroom to pull myself together. As I stood in the mirror I wonder how the fuck I get here. I couldn’t even recognize myself any more. I went from a strong woman who know her worth to a broken woman who lost her fight. I had to snap out of it because Tray ass start banging in the door “bitch I want my plate!” I let the chicken over cook cuz I was cleaning up after his ass yet I’m the one who end up with a fucked up face. Damn I want this shit to stop. Any other night of him coming in drunk & angry ready to take his problems out on me. It didn’t use to be like this we use to be in love but 4 years later all love is lost. It started in 2013 summer time of course me & my girl was popping from head to toe. My girl Keyshia was cold on the store side so we’d just throw her a couple dollars to have all the latest shit. Plus my daddy worked & I was his princess. Any way we find asf walking to the store at the end of the block where all the fine ass niggas be.i didn’t even like his little ass but he was just so persistent.

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