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Self-Talk is Real Talk

When you feel like nobody is in your corner, it is so easy to have a big ole pity party for yourself! Right? I’ve been there myself, and it is a slippery slope, once you go down that road. So, on my way to work the other day as I was killin it driving listening to some trap music, cause that’s how I get down, I found myself motivating myself, telling myself that Yes, I am good enough. My self-worth is NOT dependent on anyone else’s opinion of me! I saw a meme that said Don’t let people who do nothing for you control your mind, emotions and feelings. That was a wake-up call.
It helps a lot to have close confidantes to talk to when you’re feeling bad or shady about yourself, but what about one o’clock in the morning, if you are by yourself? Talk positive to yourself. Speak life to yourself. It works! I will say, though, that it is a daily battle, sometimes moment by moment, telling myself that it is ok, I am exactly where I am supposed to be at this moment! I can only control the things that are in my control, and not worry about everything else! Trust me, it takes a lot of doing this, but the outcome is worth it. Talk to yourself, love yourself. You are unique, there is nobody else exactly like you! You are good enough, hold your head up high and smile!

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