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Sentenced to 21 Years for Armed Robbery, Man Swears He is Innocent

I saw this story on Face Book, and it really touched my heart… So I wanted to share it in hopes of maybe somebody who can help may see the story. I know what you guys are thinking, everybody who goes to jail claims they are innocent & they didn’t commit the crime they were charged with, but being honest, something feels a little different about this story.

His name is Darnel Y. Chaffin and he is incarcerated in the Jacksonville Correctional Center. He has currently been locked up for a little over 4 years and he wrote this letter to get some help. Take a look at his story.

After reading his facts of the case, do you guys think he is innocent or guilty as charged? If you know anybody who could help him, please tag them on this post & reach out to Darnel Chaffin. His jpay information is listed above. Original story was on (Justice K Nicole ) Face Book Page.

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6 thoughts on “Sentenced to 21 Years for Armed Robbery, Man Swears He is Innocent

  1. This happened in the suburbs of Chicago. It is not so far fetched to think this is not pausible. The company he claimed to work at is legit. They can not comment on work history outside of he was at one time employed there. The system is screwed up sometimes. The victim of the robbery has a sworn affidavit to the effect this man was not the guilty party. The ACLU and the NAACP should both be jumping at the opportunity to assist this man at a fair amd impartial trial of his peers with the evidence and facts including the corruptness of witness tampering done by the 2 officials listed in the affidavit that pushed the boys photo on him. Smh everyone yells for equality but when it comes to the legal way to do it no one steps up. Hurts my heart for all involved.

  2. This happened in 2010 when he was 17. It’s now 2019, making him 26. He was in jail for 9 months when initially arrested. He’s been in jail for 4 years, so he went in in 2016 – when he was 22. So from 17 to 22, he was NOT incarcerated.

    He didn’t say he had 6 kids when he was 17. He said he has 6 kids now, at the age of 26.


  3. this is fucked up. the victim submitted a sworn affidavit that this man was NOT the person who robbed them, and he still convicted for it!?!??? why has nobody helped this man? im praying for his safety, and praying that he get the help he not only needs, but desperately deserves.

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