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Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll; Bobby’s Back!

If you’re anything like me, when New Edition’s own Michael Bevins announced the 3 part made for TV movie the “New Edition story” you quickly found your remote and made sure to press record! Being from Massachusetts myself the group holds a very special place in my heart I know every song and all the lyrics, dance moves and talking points… lol… But the story even being stretched over 3 nights was still not enough to give one very important member all his “shine”! Who you May ask? Well no other that then the bad boy of R&B Mr. Bobby Brown.

We now know thanks to the  NE story that Bobby actually started the group after 1st attempting to be a solo artist and his nerves got the best of him! But after being kicked out of the group for what was considered lude behavior and didn’t represent the image that the group was going for. But that’s for the most part where the new edition story left Bobby. Then a quick fast forward to when the group tried to reunite in the early 2000’s. And to say less about the Whitney Houston story where he was depicted as a fallen star and Whitney’s boy toy.

We will finally get the story as told by the man, the legend,  Mr. prerogative himself Bobby Brown! And I for one cannot wait, come thru Bobby come thru. And check the link below to hear about the all start line up for this upcoming feature.

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