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Sexy or doing to much

Tonight’s show will focus on a couple different relationship topics! Tonight join me at 8:15pm est! Feel free to call in! Remember you can remain Anonymous . The number is (646)787-8582 press 1 to speak..
•What’s the 1st thing you notice about a woman before you approach her

•Do you believe in love at 1st sight
•Besides sex what’s else is important in a relationship

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For our celebrity topics includes

• Ari famous Ig model recently posted some pictures that were very sex!

And of course she receive backlash from the pictures. apnea person even started how her child’s father/ Ex would have never allowed her to post such pictures. She is in a new relationship and her man seems to have no problems with her pictures or videos. I’m most videos you can see him hyping Ari up & recording her.

So my question for the fellas is Are you comfortable with your girlfriend or wife posting sexy pictures? Do you feel confident enough to know she belongs to you and you see no shame in showing her off. Or should a woman not post sexy or sexual post while in a relationship? Feel free to call in tonight to give your answer! Remember we never judge and I respect everyone’s opinions. Thanks for the support..

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