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Our new Gold Sponsor SHAR KRIZTIN has totally rebranded herself and her new look is AMAZING!  

Female Music Artist
>>GO CRAZY – Listen Here

Shar Kriztin’s bold, in your face, wildly infectious new single “Go Crazy” is a powerhouse anthem for our time, a “woke” blast of assertive self-confidence and encouragement that will lift the spirits of all those who, like her, have ever been hated on, discouraged or put down for being who they are. With the drop of that track and her upcoming video on Church Boy Music, the multi-talented vocalist and songwriter emerges from her hometown of Akron, OH with sultry pop/R&B vibes, a tasty and singular rap/sing flow and a defiant swagger that lets us know she’s determined to overcome any obstacles life’s put in her path.

Shar wrote “Go Crazy” in response to some of the haters who got on her case after she posted her debut song and video “Come On” on her Facebook page a few years ago. Though the clip garnered over 28,000 views (and many more later on her YouTube channel), some knocked it for its sexy content and the fact that she shot it in a luxurious home.

Anyone who’s ever felt that kind of heat but is determined to break through the negativity will immediately connect with the singer’s first verse in “Go Crazy”: “They be hating on me/Throwing shade, it get ugly/They can’t cage me, I’m hungry/They can’t take it but they want it. . .I go so hard they hold me/I know the game you can’t coach me.” In the second verse, she asserts that no one has the right to stop her: “I go crazy on ‘em/I do it the best/I’m not like the rest/I’m flawless.” Shar says, “It’s a universal song, because everyone at one point or another has felt that one person hating on them for who they are and not wanting to see them succeed. I think people need this kind of inspiration.”

Shar, who sang in her church choir for years and grew up listening to pop, old school R&B and rap greats like R. Kelly, Jay-Z, DMX, TLC and New Edition, has been laying the foundation for the breakout of “Go Crazy” with a batch of exciting recent performances in her region. Volunteering to perform after showing up to support a friend, won a competition sponsored by The University of Akron’s influential radio station 88.1 WZIP, judged by two of its DJs – who interviewed her afterwards.  She also performed at Anatomy nightclub in Cleveland at a competition sponsored by the city’s top urban jazz station Z 107.9 (WENZ).  She has built her enthusiastic fan base with further performances in Columbus and Detroit.

Helping inspire Shar and fuel her and intense work ethic and drive to succeed is the angel watching her from above, her baby son Ezekiel, who graced the earth for two years before passing away in December 2015. “Zeke” was born three months premature and weighed under one pound. The doctors told Shar that he would die within a week, but he held on for much longer thanks to her love and great medical care that ensured that everything was being done for his survival. Shar was by his side as he dealt with a multitude of health issues – which required, among other things, a colostomy bag and a tracheostomy.  “I believe there is a reason for everything, and I became a better person because of Zeke’s time on earth,” says Shar, who is now the loving mother of a healthy year old son, born after Zeke’s passing. “I care more about people’s feelings and how I treat them. I am less inclined to judge how they act, and try to get to know them on deeper levels – because you never know what they’ve been through in their lives. I also have a greater appreciation for life, which includes cherishing my son more than I ever thought possible.”  Zeke’s need for a tracheostomy inspired Shar to pursue and succeed at another creative endeavor which perfectly complements her high-impact music. She began creating fashionable bow ties, and the demand for them led to expand into making jewelry, wigs and dresses under the name “Team Zeke.” After taking a business course at the school where she studied to be an esthetician and manicurist, she’s scaled back to focus only on the bow ties and jewelry – with the goal of eventually opening up her own boutique.

“In addition to making me stronger,” she says, “the challenging experiences life has presented me with have opened some interesting doors which have also allowed me to inspire women in many ways.  I also work harder than ever at my music and everything I do. Life is short. You never know when your time is up, so I push myself harder than I ever pushed before. The reason I have so much drive and energy is because I believe Zeke is watching me and I want to make him proud.”

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