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She Won’t Talk To Me Anymore

Dear Earkandyradio

Okay, so I know I am going to look like a total bitch, but I really need help.  I slept with my ex-bestfriend’s man a little over a year ago. She ended up finding out & when she confronted us, I fessed up to it, but he denied it!  We had a huge argument & she even slapped me!  We fell out, but they are still together and I just don’t understand because he was just as wrong as I was!  I know I was wrong for what went down, I never try to make excuses for it… But he was actually the one who came on to me.  We were both drunk and she had passed out. I don’t want to say he raped me, but I was damn near passed out too. I know I should’ve told her when it happened but I was so ashamed.

How can I get through to her because I really want to salvage our friendship. She’s only been with this guy for 2 years & we been friends for over 10. I just want my girl back regardless of what I have to do.

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