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Sheriff Deputy Suspended After Body Slamming Kid Two Times

Henderson, North Carolina – A sheriff deputy has been suspended for body slamming an 11 year old boy two times and then dragging him down the hallway. The disturbing footage surfaced a few days ago, and his name has not yet been released.

The officer has been on the force for a little over two years now… but he did not elaborate or explain what happened or transpired to make him handle that child so violently! The boy’s injuries will probably determine if there will be any charges filed against the deputy sheriff.

The district is “deeply concerned” about what took place, and they have launched a full investigation into this matter. Check out the video below, but I must warn you it is very graphic and hard to watch! I cannot imagine somebody handling my child in this manner! I hope he gets what he deserves. I don’t know what made him do that, but I do know that he should have been able to control himself much better than that.

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