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Shoddy Boi: Stay In My Lane – Official EKR Review

Akron’s own Shoddy Boi dropped a new video and visual on New Year’s Day 2020.

The song is called “STAY IN MY LANE” and I have one word for the song & video… DOPE!!! The video was directed by Thakur Media, and the setting of the video takes place at the Kill Bill Church, Hollywood’s most famous desert. It was one of the scene for the movie “Kill Bill” and it has been the scene in a lot of movies and videos, including Cardi B’s song “Be Careful.”

Image result for music videos filmed at kill bill church cardi b

Shoddy Boi really set the bar pretty high for Akron music and videos 2020! He really changed the sound… but it’s still that Akron “song cry” music we love. The beat is dope, and the story he tells is pretty amazing (not talking down on anybody else, he’s staying in his lane and elevating as a person, period). The guitar riff and the live singer really add an extra something something to the sound.

Check out the video below, and let us know how you feel about Shoddy Boi’s new track.

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