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Should you tell you’re partner that you’re transgender before getting married?

So today in one of my social media groups someone posted this message asking for advice… read below

Do you guys think she was wrong? If you’re confused she was born a man and transited into a woman. She had to get bottom surgery, if the husband believes he’s nutting in her. I think if she was honest in the beginning she could have avoided this situation. He would have known what he was getting himself into.

She could have gave him the option to decide if he was okay with NOT being able to naturally have a child. There’s so much technology now days they could have still had a family just not the “ traditional” way. And as far as her just running out of the marriage with out explaining why is wrong to me as well. What’s your thoughts I’m not sure how this situation played out but hopefully he didn’t get hurt to bad from the news if she even told him!

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