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Snoop Dog Allegedly Sends 20,000 To Celina Powell Because Of Their Coke Snorting Sex

Snoop dog is a Rapper, Song writer, Producer & Media Personality. I love uncle snoop he got a dope ass personality, swag, he is very smart, talented, loves smoking his weed anywhere a definition of a true stoner, & he is a OG in the game. So Celina Powell is a public figure that had an alleged affair with Snoop Dog in the summer of 2018 but nobody believed her because she has a bad history of lying on celebrities trying to get clout off of their name smh. Celina did claim that the affair ended after they linked with each other and the driver of Snoop Dog let her out the car on the side of a road. She was so mad so she threatened to expose the affair allegedly she does has the screenshot allegedly of their conversations.

Now that is some fucked up shit if it is true just leaving somebody on the side of a road is basically leaving her for dead she could of been raped or kidnapped so I don’t respect that part. Allegedly that’s why Snoop sent her 20,000 to prevent this from happening he is a married man too but I guess it was to late. In this video she says that he snorted coke every 5 minutes when they was having sex that sound a bit crazy to me and her pussy can’t be that good to keep stopping ijs lol she even said he snorted it off her pussy I think she’s lying because why would she be okay with that? A normal person would’ve just left  at that moment ! Do y’all believe her ? click the link below to watch the video. 

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