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Snoop Dogg calls out Gayle for disrespecting Kobe Bryant!

“You funky dog head bitch!” Are some of the words Snoop Dogg had for Gayle after seeing her interview disrespecting Kobe Bryant!

Snoop went back to his gangster ways on Gayles ass! Bring up a great point! She’s being up old case that was dismissed but have not spoke on her Harvey Weinstein and his trail that is going on now! What do you guys think?

The Breakfast Club spoke on Gayle interview this morning as well on their show. Asking if the case is even relevant because the case was dismissed, he’s has passed and his family is still grieving! This was not the time to talk about it And honestly some people feel they shouldn’t have brought that question up at all. What’s your thoughts

Rest In Peace Kobe and prayers to you family!

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