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Snoop Dogg Pays Over $40,000 For Professional Blunt Roller

Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen were recently on the Howard Stern Show, and Rogen brought up the fact that Snoop pays somebody to roll blunts for him. This peaked Howard Stern’s interest, so he began to dig a little deeper.

Howard Stern asked Snoop how much does he pay this guy to roll his blunts, and Snoop said it’s anywhere between $40-50,000 per year… PLUS he gets free all-expense paid trips, free clothing and he even gets to smoke the weed for free too! Snoop explained how this is his JOB JOB. He is a PBR (Professional Blunt Roller).

Damn, sounds like a pretty good job, right? Well check out the interview below. Could you be a PBR???

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