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WHAT HAPPENED?!?!  Now you know that we very rarely hear something bad about Beyonce & Jay Z…  and we still are not hearing exactly what caused the attack…  But Solange attacked Jay Z an elevator at the Met Gala in New York.

Look closely at the video…  Beyonce is watching and says a few words (which we cannot hear) & she steps in for a moment, but she really lets her sister do what she has to do.  The security guard tried to break it up but Solange was going grazy.  Watch the video and BLOG WITH ME…  What do you guys think caused the fight?!?!?


This picture was taken as the three were walking out the hotel.  Solange is still pissed, Beyonce has her “everything’s alright” face on, and Jay Z is looking like “Damn… she just light weight beat my ass”.  Solange and Beyonce left in one car and Jay Z was escorted in his own car.


This picture was also taken days after the altercation…    The two were seen court side at Saturday night’s game between the Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets in NYC, where they shared some public displays of affection in the front row.  Can we read anything into this picture??

beyonce and jay z

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