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Soulja Boy: First Rapper Ever To Be Mad About Being Left Off An Album

Rapper Soulja Boy and Kanye West have been “tweefing” (twitter beefing) for a couple days, and it all stems from Kanye leaving Soulja Boy off his album.

Soulja Boy uploaded some screenshots of a text message conversation between him and Kanye, where just a little over a month ago Kanye was asking Soulja Boy to work with him on a new GAP campaign and his new album.

Soulja Boy agreed, and seemed to think they would be working together in the coming weeks/ months, and even sent Kanye some of his tracks. After Kanye’s album leaked, Soulja Boy realized he was not apart of it… he had some things to say!

Yea… Souja Boy went back to the Taylor Swift situation. LOL, he ain’t letting nothing slide. Do you guys think he is being petty or are his actions warranted?? Let’s talk about it.

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